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The Ruiner Self-titled Debut 12" 'FULL METAL JACKET' Variant #4

$60.00 / On Sale


We wanted to produce something for this vinyl release that looked and felt like The Ruiner’s sound. This metal jacket is brutal. It will cut you and make you bleed. In buying this you take all responsibility and liability for any physical injury that may occur. Enjoy!

The Ruiner Self-titled Debut Album 12” Vinyl.
Limited to 200 in total across all vinyl editions.
50 special edition ‘Full Metal Jacket’ sets available for pre-order now!
Shipping now!

- Hand-made spot-welded rusty metal jacket, with hand plasma cut logo.
- 180gm 12” coloured vinyl (Red Splatter)
- 12” Cardboard sleeve
- Hand screened art print
- A3 ‘Live’ fold-out poster, photo Zo Damage.
- Digital download code.

All of the Full Metal Jacket’s are individually made and finished by hand by the legends at KDS Designs, each one will therefore differ slightly to another.

1. Hubble
2. Liar
3. Smoke
4. 10 Paces
5. In Dirt
6. Volcano
7. Fleshlight
8. The Bull
9. Hanging

The Ruiner is:

Jason Vassallo - Vocals
Craig Westwood - Guitars and vocals
Jason PC - Bass
Adam Stokes - Guitars
Ben Stokes - Drums

All songs by The Ruiner, except Hubble by Craig Westwood.
Recorded and Mixed By Jason PC at Goatsound. Except: ‘Volcano’ and ‘Hanging’ recorded at Toyland By Adam Calaitzis and at Goatsound by Jason PC. Mixed by Billy Anderson.
‘The Bull’ recorded at Toyland By Adam Calaitzis and at Goatsound by Jason PC. Mixed By Jason PC at Goatsound.

Mastered by Paul Fox at Indie Masters.
Live photo Zo Damage.