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Coffin Wolf 7" Split w/ The FckUps

$10.00 / Sold Out

Coffin Wolf:
1. Anywhere But Here
2. Winter Blues
3. The Bank

Recorded and mixed by Pat Simkin @ Mitchell Street Mansion.
Mastered by James Frazetto @ High Voltage Audio.

Coffin Wolf are:
Braiden Mann - vcoals + guitar.
Lonny Finn - drums.
Matt Griffenstein - lead guitar.
Tom Lash - bass.

The FckUps:
4. I'm Fucking Up
5. Slut For Rock'n'Roll
6. Losing My Shit

Recorded on a sunny afternoon at the Mitchell Street house of hardcore by Pat Simkin.
Painstakingly mixed and produced by 'Slippery' Jim Walter.

The FckUps are:
Tobias Le FckUp
Kenny van Fcktard
Raj Mahal